Jefferson’s peregrinations and the Verniquet plan of Paris


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Making Sense of the Systems of Scientific Management

Achieving good governance

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Understanding the firm

A return to the past: History and organization studies

Goodhart's Law

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Bruce Kogut (2006) De l’échec des bonnes intentions étatiques

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Sylvain Bureau:Schools of infomation‘ : What do they mean by that ?

Michel Callon: Elaborating the notion of performativity

Claude Mosséri-Marlio: Contrasting concepts of competition

Robert Jackall: Moral Mazes Redux

Lucy Kimbell: Art and design practices as organisational R&D

Michel Callon, Michel Foucault and the « dispositif »

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Richard Chenoweth: The Most Beautiful Room in the World? Latrobe, Jefferson and the first Capitol

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Henri Fayol – the man who designed modern management